National Buy a Book Day

The National Buy a Book Day Foundation's primary activity is educating the American people on the importance of books to our culture and community by encouraging citizens to go to any bookstore on September 7th of each year, which we hope to establish as National Buy a Book Day, and buy a book. By buying a book, as a community, every year on the same day, we come together in support of books, booksellers, authors, and publishers alike. This is the exclusive goal of the organization, and it is funded entirely from public and corporate donations.

Bookstore Sales Drop in 2012

According to Publishers Weekly, the publishing business's magazine of record, bookstore sales declined by 0.5% in 2012. That’s down from $15.28 billion in 2011 to $15.21 billion dollars last year. The good news is that at 0.5% it's the smallest rate of decline in the past few years. Still, this is not a happy trend, and one the National Buy a Book Day Foundation is hoping to help reverse.

Non-profit Status

The National Buy a Book Day Foundation is registered as a non-profit corporation in the State of Washington. We do not yet have Federal 501(c)3 status, but are working on that lengthy, complex, and costly process.

Please help us achieve this first goal by donating now!

What "Counts" as a Book?

I get asked this a lot right around the 7th of September every year:

"Does ____ count?"

And that blank has been filled in by things like audiobooks, used books, graphic novels, children's books, reference books, text books, etc.

My answer has always been the same:


You know what a book is, and you know what it means to buy one. You hand someone money in one form or another, and in exchange you get a book, in one form or another. Used books count, of course children's books count. Graphic novels? Yes, please. Cookbooks? Yes.

And does it matterwhere you buy it from?


Used bookstore? Okay. Airport kiosk? Sure. Supermarket or discount store. Why not? Online? Absolutely! Audiobook or e-book via wireless transfer to some kind of an electronic device? Yes. That counts.

Here is a short list of things thatdon't count:


Piracy (aka cyber-shoplifting).

Or anything that isn't a book.

Otherwise—buy that book!